What makes Sleep Giant unique

About SleepFit.Life
SleepFIT.Life is a primary initiative of the ZeroGravity.Life Project for Integrated Living

Being SleepFIT – having a robust capacity to sleep – being able to:

  • Get all the sleep you need
  • Whenever you need it
  • Wherever you are

Being SleepFIT… creates the foundation for all other aspects of health to work – building physical energy and mental performance leading to truly resilient health and well-being.

As each of the fundamental elements of health come together through improved sleep fitness – quality, efficiency and awareness – our body’s natural “health intelligence” returns to its highest operating state.

Sleep Giant – Sleep Fitness System promotes experiencing “zero-G Sleep”, the deep harmonious recovery sleep available with Sleep Giant’s audio atmospheres – that support the full range and scope of sleep needs, enabling you to live with confidence in your ability to respond with full energy to the daily challenges of life..

The complete sleep solution
Sleep Giant – designed for living your real life
Whether we realize it or not sleep is a performance activity – one that we all share! When our demand for sleep is easily met within our life circumstances (most reliably before adulthood) it’s easy to take our ability to get the required sleep for granted, and so pay little attention to how it happens.

As the demands of life increase, with school, work, family and career – where the complexity, and pressure to deliver steadily increases – getting sufficient sleep (the result of both quality and volume) consistently, can become “problematic” in the short term, or worse chronically over time.

Sleep Giant integrates seamlessly into your day while providing a cumulative benefit in sleep and waking aspects.

Natural sleep intelligence
Sleep Giant and SleepFit – experience your natural sleep intelligence
The Sleep Giant – SleepFit System offers a new paradigm for addressing sleep and life. Where Sleep Giant supports you in initially recovering any sleep debt and finding your natural sleep rhythm, then progressively tuning your mind and body for optimal sleep efficiency, or SleepFitness.

Sleep Giant’s zero-G Acoustics “Sleep Atmospheres” along with our proprietary Sleep AI supports your body in finding its fundamental, harmonic rhythm – the access to your natural sleep intelligence.

Living SleepFit
End chronic Sleep Debt forever
To live SleepFit, where you get – all the sleep you need – when you need it – wherever you are,
is a sign that your body is in sync with its true Sleep intelligence – a robust and resilient capacity to sleep effectively each and every day.

The right sleep for you
There is no “right way” with sleep – only the right way for You!
When it comes to personal performance, health, well-being and sleep, there is no right way – only the way that actually works best for you on any given day.

Sleep Giant and the companion SleepFit self awareness programs, are a complete, integrated system –
designed to support you in discovering your Sleep intelligence.

By taking advantage of this powerful system, you can develop a new capacity for sleep, along with a consistency of energy throughout your day.

Sleep Giant’s origins
Built from the ground up over more than 30 years
Sleep Giant | Living Octave Apps are the product of more than 3 decides of applied research and development as to the most effective methods of developing maximum athletic performance and optimal health through “living integration”.

During this time as professional athlete, ZeroGravity.Life Project’s founder developed and implemented numerous cutting edge performance and recovery methods applicable in “normal life” (as well as for elite athletes) based in the progressive integration of an individuals entire capabilities. 

zero-G bioAcoustics audio technology and the resulting “sleep atmospheres” now available in Sleep Giant have reliably provided the final, elusive element (for the project founder) and other world class and Olympic athletes in achieving their peak lifetime performances!    

No need for tips, tricks or band aids
A comprehensive sleep performance solution
When it comes to any personal performance and health situation – tips & tricks, “band aids” and shortcuts (“life hacks”), never produce the sustainable results we hope for, especially so when it comes to maintaining lifelong, health, performance and well-being.

With Sleep Giant there is no need to hope that the “latest tip” or fad will work for you. Sleep Giant addresses sleep in the way you experience it – comprehensively, over time – with each fundamental aspect of the sleep process, from how you wind down before bed, how you sleep throughout the night, to how you wake up, and boosting your energy during the day with full-cycle zero-G PowerNaps.

Essential elements
Sleep Giant brings Sleep Intelligence to you
Sleep Giant incorporates a number of essential elements that help you uncover your sleep intelligence on your way to becoming SleepFit.

  • zero-G Acoustics progressive Sleep Atmospheres that improve sleep, rhythm, quality and efficiency through naturally occurring mind and body integration.
  • A full complement of zero-G “Sleep Atmospheres” addressing each fundamental aspect of sleep
  • A varied range of listening experiences to choose from depending on your preference or mood.
  • Sleep Deck Console – where you can custom assemble your sleep Atmospheres in two modes.
    • Wake Up Mode: Is built with Sleep Giant’s proprietary SLEEP AI that automatically configures your Sleep Sequence with our Smart Brain Wake Up programs – eliminating the need to ever use an alarm clock again.
    • Sleep Mode: the ultimate programmable “Sleep Deck” – allows you to load/play Sleep Giants programs in custom sequences.
  • Save your custom Sleep Deck configurations in either sleep mode for convenience use each night

A new perspective on sleep
Developing a robust sleep rhythm
We approach all aspects of performance from a different perspective – which is to learn to listen to our body first. By imposing any fixed thinking or prescription – even of the most sophisticated knowledge – in managing our sleep, health and well-being, we blind ourselves to the subtle stream of feedback our body provides us in-real-time for our entire lives.

By becoming sensitive to this feedback as we go through our day, we are organically more “in tune” with our body’s fundamental rhythm. By placing our attention on our sleep in this same way, as we use the Sleep Giant System people find they naturally fall into an easier more reliable sleep rhythm improving their wind down, sleep, and waking up experience.

Finding your sleep rhythm
Experience the benefit of sleep harmony all day
In finding our fundamental sleep rhythm we experience the benefits throughout the rest of our day – with enhanced energy, clarity of mind and outlook on life – in school, work, sport, hobbies and in our interactions with family and friends: Benefits in quality-of-life experience that can’t be measured.

Experiencing zero-G sleep
Built with zero-G Acoustics
All of Sleep Giant’s sleep support programs are built with our proprietary zero-G bioAcoustics audio technology.

Sleep Giant’s immersive “sleep atmospheres” improve sleep efficiency and quality by enhancing our bodies organic tendency to toward homeostasis (physiological balance) – where body and mind can return to their natural state as-one (integrated) – the doorway to deep restorative sleep, creativity and the fabled “performance zone”. 

zero-G Acoustics programs have been used by world class athletes and other high performance professionals for more than two decades to enhance: training performance, focus and attentional quality, stress resilience, adaptation to circadian disturbance (jet lag) and “game day” performance. 

Living an integrated life
A fundamental element of the zero-G Living Octave – tools and programs for living a more integrated life.
Sleep Giant SleepFitness system is the foundation element of ZeroGravity.Life’s Living Octave program series – a “curriculum” comprising both tools and programs built to address our capacity for an integrated life experience.

Currently Living Octave Programs include – SleepFit self-activated programs, 1-on-1 coaching, seminars and mind/body integration programs.