What makes Sleep Giant unique

About SleepFIT.Life
SleepFIT.Life is a primary initiative of the ZeroGravity.Life Project for Integrated Living

Sleep Giant was developed as the core element of a comprehensive sleep performance solution.

Being SleepFIT – is having a robust capacity to sleep, anywhere anytime…

Being able to:

  • Get all the sleep you need
  • Whenever you need it
  • Wherever you are

Being SleepFIT… creates the foundation for all other aspects of health to work – optimizes physical energy and mental acuity, leading to truly resilient health and well-being.

As each of the fundamental elements of health come together, starting with improved “sleep fitness” – with improved sleep quality, efficiency and awareness – our body’s natural “health intelligence” returns, creating the foundation for optimal, life-long health.

A new perspective on sleep
Sleep Giant gives you the tools to revolutionize your relationship with sleep: Replacing hopefulness and it’s consequent anxiety, with self awareness and the (resulting) robust ability to effectively manage your sleep on a daily basis – SleepFITness

Sleep Giant offers an unique sleep solution able to address a full scope of experiential sleep issues:

  • Restoring fundamental sleep rhythm
  • Improving sleep quality and efficiency
  • Developing a robust capacity to sleep anywhere, anytime
  • Exploring other aspects of sleep only possible when one is “well slept”

Sleep Giant gives you a complete system that enables you to become a conscious sleeper while also developing the very practical capacity to sleep anywhere, anytime.

Using Sleep Giant puts the power to sleep effectively firmly in your hands.

By taking an “explorer’s approach” to sleep, where listening for, and acting on the feedback our body constantly provides (the result of our actions, diet and lifestyle choices) allows our natural “sleep intelligence” to return.

Taking this approach organically allows sleep to become an integrated aspect of your entire day’s activity, which naturally develops and improves your “sleep fitness”, giving you new confidence in your ability to get the sleep you need, when you need it!

Sleep Giant –  complete sleep solution for every type of sleeper
Sleep Giant’s essential nature is to support your entire sleep process no matter what your “sleep archetype” and current life circumstances are.

Sleep “debtors”: If you’ve been surviving on less sleep than you really need. Sleep Giant supports you in recovering sleep debt by restoring sleep rhythm, quality and consistency.

Shift Workers and Work Travelers: Maintaining “sleep rhythm” in these professions is one of the most difficult sleep/life circumstances to deal with effectively. One of Sleep Giant’s most powerful aspects is how it improves our sleep adaptability, allowing us to maintain our recovery even when our schedule shifts on a regular basis.

Parents: Parents with young children – for both parents and kids, sleep is the most valuable commodity – affecting mood, learning capacity, health and quality of life.

Performance Sleepers: For those needing to maximize daily performance – at work, school, athletically optimal sleep efficiency, resilience is fundamental to realizing our full capabilities.

Sleep Explorers: for those interested in exploring their sleep as a conscious process, for improved learning, creativity and insight into daily life.

Living SleepFIT
Sleep Giant supports your capacity to sleep no matter your life circumstance.

Where you have a robust and resilient capacity to sleep effectively each and every day, where you are able to get:

  • All the sleep you need
  • When you need it
  • Wherever you are

Returning to your natural sleep ability
Sleep Giant helps return your body’s organic sleep intelligence

Whether we realize it or not, we all share one “daily performance activity” – sleep – where mind and body must come together, for it to happen. Sleep Giant’s zero-G Acoustic Audio Atmospheres create an optimum sound field designed for sleep, that helps you return to a “relaxed sleep state” allowing integration (of mind/body), essential for optimum sleep to occur.

When our demand for sleep is easily met within the circumstances of our life (for those with extremely busy lives that occurs most reliably before adulthood!), it’s easy to take our ability to get enough sleep for granted, paying little attention to how it actually happens.

As the demands of life increase, starting with school, then work, family and career, where the complexity, and pressure to “deliver” in life steadily increases. Many find it is their sleep quantity, quality and overall efficiency that are most disturbed which is problematic in the short term, but can easily become a chronic health issue as it continues over time.

Sleep Giant integrates seamlessly into your day, supporting every aspect of your sleep cycle – helping you to “wind down” when you need to get ready for sleep, improving sleep quality and rhythm throughout the night allowing you to wake up fully refreshed or being able to take a nap when you need it to support your “sleep battery’ being “topped off, sharpening mental clarity and physical energy during your day when you need it the most.

A complete sleep support system
Sleep Giant incorporates the essential elements to support every aspect of your sleep process that helps you uncover your natural sleep intelligence on your way to becoming SleepFIT.

Sleep Deck Console: Custom assemble your sleep support sequence in two modes.

  • Sleep Mode: the ultimate programmable “Sleep Deck” – allows you to load/play Sleep Giants programs in custom sequences.
  • Wake Mode: built with Sleep Giant’s proprietary SLEEP AI that automatically configures your “sleep sequence” with a Smart Brain Wake-Up programming – eliminating painful alarm clock shock.

Save Preferred Sleep Decks: Save your preferred programs in either mode for convenient use each night.

zero-G “Deep Sleep” Albums: Built to support an entire night’s sleep, working in harmony with the progressive nature of your sleep cycles as you go through the night.

Direct Benefits: Supports/restores your natural rhythm, organically improving sleep quality and efficiency – giving you more restorative value with the same amount of sleep time.

Wind Down Programs: For many, the “difficulty” lies in getting to sleep, as our mind and body remains stimulated in awake mode, thinking about the day that has gone or the one to come.

Direct Benefits: Wind Down programs help you to “slow down” allowing you a smooth transition from an activated awake state to one that matches the “entry point” to sleep, allowing our sleep intelligence to take over our natural sleep process.

Wake-Up Programs: Waking Up is the first thing we do each day, and a painful exercise if we are not well-slept. A clear sign that many of us live in an underslept state is that almost 60% of people use a snooze button to extend their sleep in the morning.

Direct Benefits: Wake Up programs integrate with Sleep Deep albums to help your brain to easily get up to speed ready to take on the day.

Wake-Up Mode: Sleep Giant’s proprietary “sleep AI” – allows you to set the time you want your brain to be awake by, eliminating the dreaded “alarm clock/snooze button” routine (forever)!

zero-G Precision Napping: Sleep Giant’s zero-G Precision Naps offer a complete range of nap/recovery options from 15 to 90 minutes

Direct Benefits: zero-G full-cycle “full-cycle” (awake-alseep-awake) giving you the option to choose the right nap tool for the time and situation you have.

Experience the bliss of integrated sleep
With zero-G bio-Acoustics Audio Atmospheres

All of Sleep Giant’s programs are built with our proprietary zero-G bio-Acoustic audio technology.

Sleep Giant’s immersive “sleep atmospheres” improve sleep efficiency and quality by supporting our bodies’ organic tendency to return to harmony (homeostasis/physiological balance), where body and mind can return to their natural integrated state “as-one”.

A more integrated sleep state opens the doorway to optimal deep restorative sleep and consequent, enhanced daytime energy, problem solving, sense of well-being and the fabled performance “zone”.

Our zero-G bio Acoustics programs have been used by a wide range of world class athletes and high performance professionals for more than three decades to enhance their: recovery, focus and attentional quality, stress resilience, adaptation to circadian disturbance (jet lag) and “game day” performance.

Awaken your natural sleep intelligence
Sleep Giant allows you to develop natural sleep Intelligence

The Sleep Giant – SleepFIT System offers a new paradigm for addressing sleep.
Sleep Giant’s audio “Sleep Atmospheres” supports your body and mind in finding their fundamental, harmonious state, the access to natural sleep intelligence.

Sleep Giant supports you (initially), in recovering (any) sleep debt and finding your natural sleep rhythm, which progressively allows your mind and body to tune for optimal sleep efficiency.

The right sleep for you
There is no “right way” with sleep – only the right way for you, each and every day.

When it comes to personal performance, health, well-being and sleep, there is no fixed “right way” – there is, only the way that actually works best for you on any given day.

Sleep Giant and the companion SleepFit “sleep-awareness” programs and personal coaching offer are a complete resource for those interested in discovering their natural “sleep intelligence” no matter the starting point.

Taking advantage of these powerful sleep performance tools, supports you in developing an entirely new capacity to find your best sleep.

No need for tips, tricks or band aids…
A comprehensive sleep performance solution for lifelong health

When it comes to health and life performance – “tips, tricks” and “life hacks” (short cuts), don’t provide the conditions for living in an integrated way (by definition), and so can never produce the sustainable “result” that life-long health is.

Similarly with Sleep Giant, there is no need to “hope” that the latest idea or fad will work for you, as Sleep Giant gives you a comprehensive set sleep programs in an integrated solution, allowing you to engage your sleep process in an new and more interactive way – where you are reliably able create the best conditions for sleep.

Sleep harmony, throughout the day
Experience the benefit of finding your sleep rhythm

In finding your fundamental sleep rhythm, you experience the benefits throughout the rest of your day and life; with enhanced energy, clarity of mind and outlook on life, in school, work, sport, hobbies and in your interactions with family and friends.

The kind of benefits in “quality-of-life experience” that can’t be measured.

Tools for living an integrated life
Sleep Giant – is a fundamental element of zero-G Living Octave performance tools and programs designed for living a more integrated life.

Sleep Giant SleepFITness System is the foundation element of ZeroGravity.Life’s Living Octave programs – a “curriculum” comprising both tools and programs built to address our capacity for an integrated life experience.

Currently Living Octave SleepFIT Programs include: Sleep First a self-activated sleep program, 1-on-1 coaching, seminars and mind/body integration programs.

Sleep Giant’s origins
Built from the ground up over more than 30 years

Sleep Giant, first in the Living Octave Series of Programs and Apps, are the product of more than 3 decades of applied research and development, as to the most effective methods for developing maximum athletic, optimal life performance and health through a process of “living integration”.

During this time, as a professional athlete and performance coach Geoff Weigand, ZeroGravity.Life Project’s founder developed and successfully implemented numerous cutting edge performance and recovery methods, based on the progressive integration of an individual’s full-scope of capabilities, effective across the range from beginners to elite athletes and applicable in “daily life”.

zero-G bio-Acoustics audio technology and the resulting “sleep atmospheres” available in Sleep Giant have reliably proven to be the final, elusive element for world class and Olympic athletes, in achieving their peak lifetime performances!