Programing a Sleep Time Mode Sleep Sequence

Sleep Time mode: Sleep with full sleep cycles wake up naturally

sleep time mode detail

Select “Sleep Time Mode” to start building your Sleep Deck

Step 1: Select your Wind Down program (optional)
Click [NEXT] >>
Step 2: Select your Sleep Deep Album (optional)
Add the number of Sleep Cycles you want to listen to by [toggling +/- arrow buttons]
Note: you will see the amount of sleep time change as you add or subtract sleep cycles
Click [NEXT] >>
Step 3: Select a Power Nap (optional)
The option to add a PowerNap to your Sleep Deck.
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Step 4: Select a Wake Up program (optional)
Select a Wake Up program you would like to add (or not if you just want to sleep in!)
Click [NEXT] >>
Step 5: Save/Play your Sleep Deck
You can now choose how you want to save/play your Sleep Deck.

  • Launch without saving – takes you straight to the player page
  • Save – create a name to remember this configuration to play later
  • Save and Launch – saves this Sleep Deck before taking you to the player page

Note: When selecting any program for the first time – Allow a few extra minutes for Sleep Giant to sync your selected programs.

On the play page, if it doesn’t automatically play, select the play button to begin your blissful zero-G sleep experience

Building your Sleep Time Mode Sequence

building your sleep time sequence

SleepFit Pro Tip

You can create a “long nap” by adding a Wind Down (before) or a Wake Up (after) to your PowerNap