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zero-G Precision Naps

Precision Napping with Sleep Giant

Being able to nap when you could most benefit from it is an invaluable tool for maintaining one’s mental and physical energy throughout the day.

Sleep Giant’s zero-G Precision Naps are designed such that you have a range of nap “programs ” that give you the ability to nap with precision – when you need it with the time you have available!

However, being able to nap “on demand” while managing a busy life is somewhat of an artform … but is far less difficult with Sleep Giant.

To accommodate the variety of situations when you could use a nap, Sleep Giant has a comprehensive library of nap programs to accommodate a wide range of situations – with precision naps ranging from 15 to 90 minutes.

Sleep Giant’s zero-G Precision Naps are built with our proprietary zero-G Acoustics bio-integrative audio, designed to support the crucial “full-cycle” nature (awake>>asleep>>awake) of napping essential to effective daytime recovery.

Napping and the cyclical nature of sleep

Understanding how taking a nap is “affected” by our normal sleep-cycle rhythms.

The neurophysiological process of sleep is extremely complex, but what is important to understand (practically) is napping in the context of our larger sleep cycle rhythm.

When you take a nap (or any time you fall asleep) your body begins its normal physiological sequence of winding down to reach our deepest recovery sleep. The initial sleep cycle (which lasts around 90 minutes) is predominated with the deepest (slowest brain wave) type of sleep. The ratio, depth and length of various sleep stages progresses with each cycle throughout the night.

The longer you nap (in that first ninety minutes) the deeper your sleep will be, which is why waking up from a 45 minute nap can be so difficult, where you feel groggy (and stay that way) until you sleep again.
You’ll notice the same effect if you are woken from a deep sleep, by your alarm or for some other reason in the morning, leaving you feeling like you can’t really wake up for the rest of the day.

The key to effective napping, is being able to go from being “fully awake” (faster brain waves) down to sleep (slower brain waves) and “back up” to fully awake again (faster brainwaves) in such a way that you get the benefit of the nap, but without the grogginess!

zero-G Full Cycle Precision Nap programs are designed to help you navigate the awake, sleep, awake process without the normal brain drag.

zero-G Full Cycle Napping

zero-G Precision Nap programs are designed to assist you in making the “full cycle” awake > sleep > awake transition as seamlessly as possible, which allows you to plan your nap when you need (or want) it, confident that you will “come back” fully refreshed, ready to engage the rest of your day.

zero-G Precision Naps are all built with our 3-step Full-Cycle napping technology.
Step 1: assists you in slowing down from awake to sleep
Step 2: a short visit to “deep sleep”
Step 3: brings you back up to awake again

Selecting the right nap

Select your nap based on how much time you have and/or how “deep” you want to go:

  • Reset your brain – shortest lightest recovery (NinjaNAP, SugarNAP)
  • Light recovery sleep – when you only have time for a shorter lighter nap (NinjaNAP, SugarNAP, CatNAP)
  • Boost energy – maximize energy for the second part of your day (SugarNAP, CatNAP, RejuviNAP)
  • Deep Recovery – after a short sleep, high physical activity/stress (RejuviNAP, RecoverNAP, SuperNAP)
zero-G Precision Naps

NinjaNAP [15 mins]
Our shortest nap, a “quick dip” in the sleep pool.
When you don’t have a lot of time but want to refresh your mind and body.

SugarNAP [22 mins]
The sweet spot of naps – between length of time and recovery benefit
The SugarNAP is long enough to provide real sleep benefits without going too deep.

CatNAP [26 mins]
Nap like a cat – deep but short
A nap built to recover mental and physical energy for the rest of your day

RejuviNAP [36 mins]
A deeper soak
Rejuvenate your mind and body

RecoverNAP [56 mins]
Recover mentally and physically
When you’ve got an hour to spare and want to top off your sleep tank.

SuperNAP [90 mins]
A complete sleep cycle with a full wake up period
When you really need to recover lost sleep or ameliorate the effect of jet lag

Showing the relative length and depth of Sleep Giant’s full cycle precision naps.
The longer the nap, the further and deeper into your “normal” first sleep cycle you will go.

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