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Programming a WAKE UP Mode

Sleep Sequence

wake time mode detail

Using WAKE TIME Mode

When you need to be awake at a specific time. Sleep Giant supports your sleep AND will start your gradual wake up process, so you are AWAKE by your desired time saving you the pain of an alarm clock, (see note below).

Wake-Up Time Mode: allows you to program Wind Down tracks along Sleep Deep Albums, with the added function of Sleep Giant’s proprietary Sleep/Wake AI, that will automatically start your wake up sequence.

Saved/Active Wake-Up Mode Decks: When you save a Wake-Up Mode Deck the system automatically saves it as an active deck.                                      The start time you selected, sets the alert time (make sure to allow Sleep Giant to send you alerts in your phone settings) and will notify you that you have an “active” Wake Time Sleep Deck programmed and ready to play.

IMPORTANT NOTE – for new WAKE MODE users and using your alarm clock:                                                                                                                                      If you are carrying a “large” sleep debt or have only had a very short sleep (~2-3 hours) you may still sleep though the Wake-Up track.                       

If you must absolutely be awake by a certain time program Wake Mode Deck normally, AND set your alarm too as a backup – this best ensures you will wake up by the time you need.

One of the most beneficial aspects of using Sleep Giant to support your sleep is – you will gradually recover your sleep debt (due to more efficient sleep)over time. As this happens you will naturally begin to wake up more easily and (earlier) in general. As this happens you will find that in using Wake Mode will just “find yourself awake’ right around your scheduled wake time!

See programming examples here:


WAKE TIME MODE –  Detailed Programming Notes: 

To Start: Select [NEW] on the Home Screen >>

In the Sleep Deck “Mode Selector” choose [Wake-Up Time] mode >>

Step 1:

This brings you to the zero-G Sleep Wake Mode Scheduler Clock Face
Adjust the [“Bedtime (start)”] and [“wake”] times by sliding the track around the clock face.

Note 1: the scheduler will show the current time when you open it.
Note 2: You can also tap on the digital time above the clock face to specify an exact minute

After you have adjusted the scheduler to your desired times by touch/sliding the track, select the [days of the week] you want this Wake Time Schedule to run (Image)

Note: Sleep Giant will send you a reminder notification at the time/day specified to start your sleep deck

Click [Next]
Now that you have scheduled the time for Sleep Giant to play

Step 2:

Select which programs you want to listen to from the libraries (just as you would in Sleep Mode)
[Wind Down] Optional – select a Wind Down track (or not)                                         

Note: If you don’t want to include Wind Down select the “[No Wind Down]” radio button on the first screen
Click [NEXT] >>

Step 3:

Select a [Sleep Deep Album]
Note: In Wake Mode, Sleep Giant automatically selects the number of Sleep Cycles you need to meet your wake target time
Click [ Next] >>

Step 4:

Select a [Wake-Up] program – Choose your preferred Wake-Up track

Note: in Wake Mode a Wake-Up track must be selected.

Click [Next] >>

Combined Wake Time Sleep Deck notifications

Wake Mode Notifications:
Sleep GIANT will notify you when your save and active sleep deck is ready to play. You can use this notification as a remedy to start getting ready-for-bed while your Wind Down track plays.

Step 5:

Save/Play your Sleep Deck
You can now choose how you want to save/play your Sleep Deck.

  • Launch without saving – takes you straight to the player page
  • Save – create a name to remember this configuration to play later
  • Save and Launch – saves this Sleep Deck before taking you to the player page

Note: When selecting any program for the first timeallow a few extra minutes for Sleep Giant to sync your selected programs.

On the play page, if it doesn’t automatically play, select the play button to begin your blissful zero-G sleep experience

Building your WAKE-UP TIME Mode Sequence

building wake time sleep sequence