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Sleep Deck Programming examples

Sleep Giant’s proprietary Sleep Deck configuration examples

The Sleep Deck offers a way to configure sleep support using a wide variety combinations of Sleep Giant’s zero-G Acoustics sleep programs. Check out these examples of commonly used configuration types.

Wake Mode Examples

See Section 4 Using WAKE UP Time Mode how to build a Wake time Sleep Deck

Create a Sleep Deck with a target Wake Up time. Wake up smoothly, easily with Sleep Giant’s “Sleep AI” on your scheduled time.

Simply select your bedtime and wake-up time in the Sleep Deck Console Scheduler and make your selection of Wind Down, Sleep Deep Albums and Wake Up programs.

building wake time sleep sequence

Early Morning Wake 11/5.05AM Active “ON”

Deck Name: 11P/5.05A Wake
Selection: Winding Down + Sleep Deep Starter + Wake Up Smooth
Sleep Time: 6:00 hrs/min
Active Days: Tues | Wed | Thurs

Late Wake Up (8.45 AM) Active “ON”

Deck Name: Late Wake 8.45A
Selection: Winding Down + Sleep Deeply + Wake Up Smooth
Sleep Time: 6:45 hrs/min
Active Days: Tues | Thurs | Sat

Daytime Short Sleep Active “OFF”

Deck Name: 2.45 Daytime
Selection: Sleep Deeply + Wake Up Smooth
Sleep Time: 2:45 hrs/min
Active Days: Wed

Sleep Time Mode Examples

See Section 5 Programing a Sleep Time Mode Sleep Sequence how to build a Sleep Time mode Sleep Deck

Create a Sleep Deck with full sleep cycles – wake up with your natural sleep rhythm.

Create custom sleep sequences from all categories – Wind Down, Sleep Deep Albums, Wake Up, and zero-G PowerNaps.

building your sleep time sequence

4 Sleep Deep Cycles only

Deck Name: 4 sleep cycles
Selection: Sleep Deep Starter Album (4 Sleep Cycles)
Sleep Time: 6:35 hrs/mins

4 Sleep Deep Cycles with Wind Down and Wake Up

Deck Name: Wind+4Cycles+Wake
Selection: Winding Down + Sleep Deep Starter Album (4 Cycles ) + Wake Up
Sleep Time: 7:25 hrs/mins

(5) Sleep Deep Cycles with Wind Down

Deck Name: WD+5Cycles
Selection: Relax & Wind Down + Sleep Deeply (5 cycles) – no Wake Program
Sleep Time: 9:23 hrs/mins

Napping examples using Sleep Time Mode

Brain Booster – Ninja with Quick Wake

Deck Name: Ninja + Wake
Selection: Ninja Nap + Quick Wake
Sleep Time: 0:21 hrs/mins

Long Nap – PowerNap with Wind Down & Wake Up

Deck Name: WD+Cat +Wake
Selection: Winding Down + Cat Nap + Easy Riser
Sleep Time: 1:14 hrs/mins