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Getting started with Sleep Giant

For first-time Sleep Giants

Sleep GIANT, a complete sleep “fitness” system, is conveniently available for install on Android and iOS devices.

Sleep Giant offers you the ability to improve every aspect of your sleep experience:
Improving your overall sleep efficiency – meaning, more benefit for the same amount, or even less sleep!

With Sleep Giant, users find falling asleep is easier, their sleep quality and sleep cycle rhythm are improved throughout the night leading to a better, easier and more natural waking up experience.

Sleep Giant’s “sleep atmospheres” use our proprietary zero-G bio-Acoustics Audio based programs to create an immersive, harmonizing sound field designed to help you naturally find your most deep, restful “zero-G Sleep”.

The benefits available with Sleep Giant’s zero-G Sleep experience are beyond our normal sleep efficiency and are cumulative over time…
The more often you experience an integrated zero-G Sleep state, the easier you’ll find it to reach your optimal sleep each and every night.

People using Sleep Giant consistently, find they are more confident and conscious sleepers, and consequently more energetic and relaxed during the day – the experience of living truly SleepFIT!


Sleep Giant’s
zero-G Acoustics Programs

Require Stereo Audio Output Devices

to do their magic!


It’s easy to get started…

Sleep Giant is built to support every aspect of your sleep experience using:

  • Sleep Deck Console – allows you to custom program and save your sleep sequences
  • 4 Sleep Program Libraries – cover each aspect of sleep
  • 3 Programming Modes – program your sleep and wake time to work in your life.

Creating your custom zero-G Sleep Sequence is simple and can be done in a few seconds.
For a full night’s sleep support from winding down to waking up!

Select your sleep mode
Add your zero-G sleep Programs
Save and play
Experience the bliss of zero-G Sleep

Sleep Giant’s four (4) zero-G Sleep program libraries.

Sleep Libraries

  • Wind Down: Programs to help you get mind and body ready to sleep
  • Sleep Deep (Albums): Improves sleep quality and rhythm throughout the night
  • Wake Up: Programs that help wake you up easily and naturally
  • Precision Naps: Powerful full-cycle (Awake>Asleep>Awake) nap programs, to boost your brain and body anytime you need

Programming Console
Sleep Deck Console: Sleep Giant’s proprietary sleep programming tool
Sleep Giant offers three (3) convenient options allowing you to easily load your selection into the Sleep Deck Console

3 Play Modes
Sleep Mode: Universal sleep programming mode
Allows you to program sleep tracks from all 4 libraries. Use this mode to program your most natural sleep process when you are able to wake up naturally and easily.

Wake Time Mode: Simply the best way to wake up at a specific time.
For when you need to be awake at a specific time. Sleep Giant’s Wake Mode uses our proprietary “Sleep AI” to help wake you up gradually and easily so your “brain wakes up” at the time you prescribe.

Play Direct Mode: Loads a single track directly into the player
Play any program directly from the “album page”.

For detailed “how to” programming  instructions see the Step-by-Step Guides in the Sleep Giant Manual section. Click here to go to the guide