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Experience the profound benefits of living truly SleepFiT with Sleep Giant


Welcome New Sleep Giant Users,

Sleep Giant is a comprehensive and robust sleep support system that can assist you in finding your ultimate sleep performance whether you’re looking to boost your daytime energy in a healthy way or training for the next Olympics!

No matter how you choose to use Sleep Giant there are just a few simple and essential things you need to know to get started on the right track.

  • Sleep Giant creates an sleep enhancing acoustic environment
  • Sleep Giant improves SleepFITness over time – in the same way as improving other types of fitness
  • You must use stereo output speakers or headphones to listen with
  • Select the Sleep Deep Starter Album initially (for sleep support throughout the night)
  • Use the SD Starter Album for the first 14-21 nights using Sleep giant
  • Keep you normal wake up routine i.e. if you use an alarm to wake up for work, continue to do so initially
  • Consistent use of 4-5 days a week will give you the most benefit over time

Setting up your zero-G Sleep sound environment
Sleep Giant works by creating an immersive sound field designed to enhance sleep and is easy to set up.

To do this you only need a couple of items.

  1. Sleep Giant active on your device
  2. Stereo audio output device. (Speakers, Headphones or Earbuds)

The stereo devices must to able to connect to your device – either by Bluetooth or cable.
– For ease of setup, use and portability, most people use an “integrated stereo Bluetooth speaker” device available from many outlets.

Notes: Checking if your audio device is stereo

  • If you are purchasing a new Bluetooth speaker device – check in the technical description for the words “STEREO” or “2 Channel Output” before you purchase. It is essential to check this detail as many less expensive models only deliver a mono single channel output. (You will not get the zero-G Sleep effect with a mono or single channel output)
  • If you already have a “Bluetooth speaker” and don’t know if it is a stereo device, check the manufacturer’s website for technical details for direct reference to stereo or 2 channel output.

Usage Scenario 1: Sleep Giant throughout the night
For sleeping through the night most people use a speaker setup.

Using speakers:
The diagram shows the most common speaker placement options in a typical bedroom.

The most effective placement is behind your head in the center of the bed – placement “1” in the diagram.

However, if that is not an option, you can place your speakers at one of the other locations 2,3 or 4. The night table at the side of your bed will also work.

If you are using classic “individual” stereo speakers, place the “left” and “right” channels on either side of your body.

Using Earbuds/Headphones:
If you are using earbuds or headphones – and like most people you are a side sleeper – you will want to use a set of “low profile” earbuds wired or “wireless”.

Note: When using wireless buds verify their maximum playing time.

Illustration shows stereo speaker placement in your bedroom

Illustration showing Sleep Giant stereo speaker placement options for your bedroom

Note: Sleep Giant is most effective when using “direct to ear” sound i.e. earbuds or headphones.

Usage Scenario 2: Precision Napping
Napping is a scenario where headphones are optimal as they create an “enclosed sound field” directly around your ear – you will need to lie on your back during your nap using this method though.

If you cannot sleep on your back (for a short period) “low profile” earbuds designed for comfort while lying on one’s side are the best option.  If you are an “always” side sleeper using the same method you use to sleep through the night will work best.

Audio Sound level:
The zero-G Acoustics Sleep Track only needs to be audible in the environment for it to work. If you are sleeping in a quiet place, the volume needed to achieve this will be quite low.

For situations with a lot of background noise you can increase the volume to create a more “even” sound field which will also make sleep easier.

Note: Higher volume, as such, does not “work better”!

Start with a zero-G Precision Nap

Sleep Giant has 6 nap programs ranging from 15 to 90 minutes


Create your custom zero-G Sleep deck in just 3 steps.

For a full night’s sleep support from winding down to waking up!

Select your sleep mode (based on your available time or wake up schedule)
Add zero-G sleep Programs – to support your entire sleep process
Play, or Save and Play your selection

Relax and experience the bliss of zero-G Sleep