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Experience the profound benefits of living truly SleepFiT with Sleep Giant

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 New Sleep Giant users,

Sleep Giant is a comprehensive sleep performance system that’s tailored to enhance every aspect of your sleep experience – from falling asleep to staying asleep, waking up in the morning, and even taking daytime naps. Whether you’re already a Sleep Giant user or considering becoming one, you’re on the right track to improving your sleep experience.

We invite you to take a few moments to explore this page, in addition to the rest of the Sleep Giant Knowledge Base. By doing so, you’ll unlock the full potential of Sleep Giant.

Thank you for choosing Sleep Giant – your ultimate sleep companion!

Discover the power of Sleep Giant, now compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Enjoy a generous 14-day complimentary trial of our Premium Subscription when you join as a new user. Elevate your sleep experience starting today!

Gain Mastery of Your Entire Sleep Process with Sleep Giant

With Sleep Giant you have a companion system for gaining sleep mastery

“Sleep Giant offers a new class of interactive bio-acoustic programs, known as zero-G Acoustics audio. These programs form the foundation of Sleep Giant’s proprietary zero-G Sleep Programs. By actively engaging with these programs, you gain the ability to truly become the master of your own sleep process!”

A complete sleep solution
No matter your current sleep situation, Sleep Giant is here to support you in various aspects of your life:

  • General Sleep Aid: Improve your sleep quality and rhythm.
  • Performance Sleep: For people that need to be at their best to perform in life.
  • Sleep Management: Ideal for new parents, shift workers, and traveling professionals.
  • Health: Recognizing that optimal health begins with quality sleep.
  • Sleep Exploration: Dive into the world of dreams and other “in sleep” activities.
  • Foundational Element: Live a more integrated life

Cumulative benefits over time
The overall impact of consistently “sleeping in zero-G” with regular Sleep Giant use is that every aspect of your sleep experience, including your sleep rhythm and overall efficiency, improves over time. This translates to an increased recovery benefit from the same amount of sleep or even less!

Developing real confidence in your sleep ability
Perhaps, the most significant benefit of using Sleep Giant is how it transforms your relationship with your “sleep-ability.” You naturally develop a new confidence in knowing how to manage your own sleep process, regardless of the demands and circumstances of your life.

“Take an Explorer’s Approach with Sleep Giant as You Embark on Your Journey to Becoming SleepFIT…”

Sleep Giant assists you in exploring your full “sleep ability”

As you embark on your journey to becoming SleepFIT, here are key things to keep in mind:

  • Complete Sleep Support: Sleep Giant is a comprehensive sleep system designed to assist you throughout your entire sleep process.
  • Empowering Sleep Tools: Sleep Giant gives you a powerful set of sleep tools allowing you to maximize your sleep on your schedule
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Rhythm: Sleep Giant improves both sleep efficiency and sleep cycle rhythm.
    Cumulative Benefits: Benefits are cumulative over time.
  • Acoustic Optimization: Sleep Giant’s programs create an acoustic environment optimized for sleep, whether you use stereo speakers or headphones.
  • Comfortable Listening: Sleep Giant doesn’t require high listening volume; most users find that a ‘background level’ of sound works perfectly which is typically a lower volume than for TV or music.

Important Note: Recovering a sleep debt with Sleep Giant
Sleep Giant has an overall balancing and restorative effect on your sleep and overall energy state. If you have an accumulated sleep debt when you begin using Sleep Giant, your body’s natural wisdom will guide you towards organically recovering that sleep debt. You may find you want/need more sleep until your “sleep tank” is replenished.

Understanding how Sleep Giant Works

Getting Started with Sleep Giant is easy…

Sleep Giant’s unique design allows you to easily create an immersive and harmonizing acoustic “zero-G Sleep” environment that supports and enhances your entire sleep experience.

Recommendations for getting started:

– Begin with Sleep Giant on a night when you can wake up on your own schedule (i.e. a weekend night)
– Start your Sleep Giant experience with the Sleep Deep Starter Album
– To gain SleepFITness use Sleep Giant at least 4-5 nights per week
Pro-Tip Take a zero-G Precision Nap to experience zero-G Sleep

Do a quick survey of your Sleep Environment
The right environment makes sleep easier and more effective. However, the “wrong” environmental conditions can damage sleep quality or even make it impossible!

Review these fundamental environmental factors and experiment with adjusting them to find your “sweet sleep” spot.
Light: light is the primary environmental factor that our (24hr) biological circadian rhythm is tuned to. Make sure your room is dark enough to allow you to sleep deeply by eliminating artificial light sources.

Temperature: Sleep efficiency is degraded if your room is too hot or too cold. Optimal temperature will be somewhere between 67-73 F. (~19-22 degrees celsius). Experiment to find your optimal temp.
Sound: Dissonant foreground or a high level of background sound will preclude achieving deep sleep.
Pro-tip: Use Sleep Giant to create a harmonious acoustic sleep environment wherever you are.

Before Bed
Avoid Stimulation of all kinds
There are many sources of stimulation that will affect your ability to get to sleep and then to sleep deeply
Electronic Devices: If you have a TV in your bedroom turn it off. Don’t use your phone, computer etc. in the period before bed – because an active mind will displace sleep more than any other cause.
Food/Drink: Pay attention to how; the types of food and drink; how much you eat in the hours before bed affect your sleep ability. (E.g. Caffeine, no matter what form it comes in, takes 6-7 hours to clear your system.)
Social: Socializing and just being around other people can have a stimulating effect. Consider this in planning your sleep.
Exercise: Exercise, especially intense exercise, has a stimulating effect for hours after you stop. Athletes Note – The more intense and longer the training/exercise is the longer the time to wind down, so plan accordingly.
“Tomorrow”: Anticipation of events (that we both like or dislike) has a stimulating effect. Remember this in planning your sleep.

Starting with Sleep Giant
Build your custom “zero-G Sleep Deck” from Sleep Giant’s four program libraries
Wind Down: Programs to help you get mind and body ready to sleep
Sleep Deep (Sleep Cycle Albums): Played throughout the night to improve sleep quality and rhythm
Wake Up: Programs that help wake you up easily and naturally
Precision Naps: Powerful “full-cycle” nap (Awake>Asleep>Awake) programs

It takes less than a minute to program zero-G Sleep support for your whole night’s sleep from winding down to waking up.

Create your custom zero-G Sleep Deck in just 3 easy steps.
Step 1: Select your sleep mode (based on your available time or wake up schedule)
Step 2: Add zero-G Sleep Programs – to support your entire sleep process
Step 3: “Play” or “Save and Play” your Sleep Deck selection

Relax and allow yourself to experience the bliss of zero-G Sleep

Additional Sleep-Learning Resources

Continue learning about sleep and Sleep Giant while becoming a fully conscious sleeper

Gain the full benefit of Sleep Giant’s programs and features.
Take a few minutes to review the complete instructions, features and zero-G Sleep programs available to you in Sleep Giant.

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