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Programming your sleep with the “Sleep Deck Console”

Using the Sleep Deck Console to program your sleep support

You can program Sleep Giant to support your sleep in 3 different modes.

For “all night” support the Sleep Deck Console offers 2 mode options 

1. Sleep Time Mode: The Sleep Decks universal mode allow your to program zero-G sleep from all Libraries – at the Home Screen under  “Program Your Sleep” select [NEW] then >>  [SLEEP TIME MODE]

2. Wake Time Mode: Sleep Giant’s Proprietary Sleep/Wake AI – that “wakes up” you brain and body at the time you select – On the Home Screen under “Program Your Sleep” select [NEW] then >> [WAKE UP TIME Mode]


3. Play Direct Mode: To play a single program simply select [Play] from the Program Page – i.e. taking a nap.

Note: Saved Sleep Decks are available in [Sleep Decks] button on the Home Screen 

Creating a new Sleep Deck sequence – from the home screen

    1. Select [NEW] – you are taken to the Sleep Mode Selector Page where you have the option to select which mode you create your sleep Deck.
    2. Select either [SLEEP TIME Mode ] or [WAKE TIME TARGET Mode]

Note: Select the mode you want use based on whether you want Sleep Giant to “wake you up at a specific time” or whether you have the freedom to “sleep as long as you need”.

SleepFit Pro Tip

Program Wind Down such that you are able to listen to it as you are getting ready for bed  – it helps make a seamless transition to sleep! 

Sleep Time Mode Features – supports you to:

  • Assemble sleep support sequences from all categories in the order you define – Wind Down, full Sleep Deep cycles, Naps and Wake Up tracks.
  • Create a selection to support full sleep cycles and waking up naturally
  • Create power napping sequences – either a nap or a “short sleep” to fit into a busy schedule by adding Wind Down or Wake Up tracks to support efficient use of your time.
  • Sleep Deck shows your calculated sleep time as you add program tracks

Wake-Up Target Mode Features – supports you to:

  • Select Start and Wake Times for your Sleep Deck – Sleep Deck shows your calculated sleep time based on your selection
  • Using Sleep Giants proprietary “zero-G Sleep AI” technology – creates a sleep sequence to wake you up naturally and smoothly at a “target time” that you specify.
  • Select the days of the week you want this particular deck to play i.e. weekdays
  • Receive a system notification when a saved Wake Mode deck is scheduled.

Play Direct Mode – supports you to:
When you are directly in the “Album” page you have two options for making a play selection.

[Play] plays the program without loading them into a sequence in the Sleep Deck

[Add to Sleep Deck] Add the program directly from the Album page into the Sleep Deck

Note: “Add to Sleep Deck” will open up Sleep Time mode (only) with that program pre-selected. Access to Wake-Up Mode is only though the home screen.

    1. Select the category library
    2. Select your program
    3. Select – [Play] (note you have the choice to add to the Sleep Deck from here as well)
    4. Select orange [Play] button to begin your program

Sleep Deck Console Images

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Saved Sleep Decks page details

Saved Sleep Decks page

view or edit your saved sleep deck

View or Edit your saved Sleep Deck

Player page details - your Sleep Deck is playing

Play your Sleep Deck