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Programing a Sleep Time Mode Sleep Sequence

Sleep Time mode: Sleep with full sleep cycles wake up naturally

sleep time mode detail


Sleep Time Mode is Sleep Giant’s universal sleep programing mode that allows you to create and save sequences of sleep tracks in the Sleep Deck.

You can select multiple programs from Wind Down, Naps and Wake-Up categories but only a single Sleep Deep Album in each deck – due to the specific progressive nature of our sleep cycles throughout the night.

See programming examples here:

Programming in SLEEP TIME Mode (Detailed Instructions)

To Start: Select [NEW] on the Home screen

Then, select [Sleep Time Mode] in the mode selector to start building your Sleep Deck

Step 1:

Select your Wind Down program (optional)
Click [NEXT] >>

Step 2:

Select your Sleep Deep Album (optional)
Add the number of Sleep Cycles you want to listen to by [toggling +/- arrow buttons]
Note: you will see the amount of sleep time change as you add or subtract sleep cycles
Click [NEXT] >>

Step 3:

(Optional ) Select a Precision Nap
Select your nap option to add a Precision Nap to your Sleep Deck.
Click [NEXT] >>

Step 4:

Select a Wake-Up program (optional)
Select a Wake Up program you would like to add (or not if you just want to sleep in!)
Click [NEXT] >>

Step 5:

Save/Play your Sleep Deck
You can now choose how you want to save/play your Sleep Deck.

  • Launch without saving – takes you straight to the player page
  • Save – create a name to remember this configuration to play later
  • Save and Launch – saves this Sleep Deck before taking you to the player page

Note: When selecting any program for the first timeallow a few extra minutes for Sleep Giant to sync your selected programs.

On the play page, if your selection doesn’t automatically play, select the play button to begin your blissful zero-G sleep experience

Building your Sleep Time Mode Sequence

building your sleep time sequence

SleepFITness Pro Tip

You can create a “long nap” by adding a Wind Down (before) or a Wake Up (after) to your PrecisionNAP