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Get the kind of sleep you dream of with Sleep GiantTM


Revolutionize your night and your day with Sleep Giant | Sleep Fitness System a new performance approach to sleep – with zero-G Acoustics immersive audio Atmospheres.

Now Available in your favorite app store!

Get the kind of sleep you dream of with Sleep GiantTM

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Revolutionize your night and your day with Sleep Giant | Sleep Fitness System a new performance approach to sleep – with zero-G Acoustics immersive audio Atmospheres.

Now Available in your favorite app store!

With Sleep Giant you can finally rest easy…

Before bed, throughout the night and when you start your day, knowing that both your mind and body are supported in an harmonious, optimal sleep experience.

Sleep Giants – Live Wide Awake!

See Below to find out more about how Sleep Giant works for you night and day


Fall Asleep Naturally

For many of us the natural process of falling asleep has become disturbed making falling asleep the barrier to recovering physically and integrating mentally. Sleep Giant addresses this crucial aspect of the sleep process with Wind Down audio atmospheres that help you to slow down as you’re getting ready for bed.
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Erase sleep debt

Erase Sleep Debt once and for all. If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning there is a chance you are carrying a sleep debt. Sleep Giant’s Sleep Deep cycles improve sleep quality and efficiency, putting the power to recover lost sleep firmly in your hands, while still living the life you’ve got.
restoring good sleep cycles

Restore broken sleep cycles

A natural result of not being able to get to sleep when you need to, or not getting all the sleep you require, is that your daily rhythm is also disturbed – something we then feel throughout the rest of our day. As your ability to fall asleep easily and sleep quality improves your natural sleep rhythm organically returns.

End “alarm clock shock”

If you dread those first few minutes of your day wrestling with the snooze button – With Sleep Giant you can end that ordeal forever. As you use Sleep Giant consistently and your sleep efficiency and rhythm improve, your natural process of waking up returns allowing you to start your day truly awake!
sleep confidence

Imagine...sleep confidence!

With Sleep Giant you gain the real world experience of your own sleep patterns, which organically gives rise to confidence in yourself – that you can be well-rested for any situation. It is in this experience of knowing that you can get the sleep you need, when you need it, wherever you are, where the unique benefits of Sleep Giant and being SleepFit are found!

Who can benefit from the power of SLEEP GIANT –

Premium sleep performance system?

Sleep Giant’s zero-G Acoustics sleep programs have been a secret tool used by world class and Olympic athletes, and regular people alike for more than 20 years.

Experiencing zero-G Sleep has enabled them to reach new peak levels of performance, creativity and recovery – all while improving their overall quality of life.

Lifestyle users:
New Parents, Students, Professionals, Shift Workers, Professional Travelers, CEO’s, Coaches, Teachers and Grandparents

Elite Performance users:
Track and Field Athletes, Swimmers, Cyclists, Rock Climbers (Free Solo and Competitive), Airline Pilots, Musical and Visual Creative Artists

Sleep Giant is effective for any age group.

Current “Sleep Giants” range in age from just 7 years old all the way to 92 years old!

There is no need to trust anyone else with your sleep experience…

Now with any premium subscription
We’re offering a way for you to experience the benefits of SLEEP GIANT directly:

It’s FREE for 14 days!

We trust your experience

Check out below what some of our “Sleep GIANTS” have said about their experiences with zero-G Sleep and life.

Pillow Talk

People using Sleep Giant consistently, sleep better and develop a new confidence in their sleep and their day-time performance.

Sleep Giant’s programs have been used by individuals of every kind looking to improve both their sleep capacity and efficiency: Olympic athletes and free-solo rock climbers, CEO’s, professors & students, shift workers, people recovering from trauma and moms, dads and their kids.

Hear what they are saying:

“Being a mom, my sleep has been largely dictated by my kids and their schedules. Knowing I was seriously sleep deprived, but not having a way to do anything about it caused me even more anxiety when I tried to go to sleep. I spent a lot of time in bed awake, wishing there was a better or faster way to sleep. Sleep Giant has changed all of that for me. I honestly can’t remember the last time I laid in bed awake. I’m confident about my ability to sleep when I need to sleep. And, I’ve even started waking up early (rather than being drug out of bed by my kids every morning!)”
~ Sarah - Mom of 7 and 12 year olds, home teacher, entrepreneur

Sleep Giant for 5 months

“It’s so easy to use and it’s changed the way I think about sleep: The key is getting good sleep, not focusing on more sleep. Sleep Giant actually works. I think it could be revolutionary… I really just love it and getting good sleep! Waking up feeling refreshed is amazing.”
~ Mary Grace – Age 12 – Student, X-country runner, Traveler, Artist

Sleep Giant for 4 months

“Fast, noticeable progress in sleep quality and energy level throughout day since starting with sleep giant” Sleep Giant for 5 days “I’m particularly encouraged that the benefits gained from Sleep Giant do not seem to require uninterrupted sleep, or any particular formula of time asleep/time to bed/etc. It seems to flow with my life and simply boosts the quality of sleep and therefore wakefulness throughout a roller coaster of a life. Considering the fact that I have a 4-month-old at home, I’ve not had high expectations for my sleep quality in this phase of life… But Sleep Giant seems to be helping both my wife and I make the most of the sleep opportunities we have.”
~ Alex, Air Force Pilot, skier, Scientist, Dad

SleepFit coaching client, Sleep Giant for 2 weeks

“Sleep Giant has changed my overall sleep quality so much, and subsequent quality of life… I’m happier, have more self-confidence, and much more productive energy. Also in my music career, I’ve noticed effortless and much better music performance when I play or record music. Absolutely love it- life changing!”
~ Diane, Dental hygienist, singer, songwriter, musician

Sleep Giant for 2 years

Before Sleep Giant – A self-described restless sleeper, “never getting quite enough… Now I sleep through the night and wake up earlier. Sleep Giant also helps me with school and baseball. And all sports. It actually helps my eyes a little. I can see better. And my eyes aren’t tired like they used to be.”
~ Miller - Age 7 - Student, Baseball Player, Traveler

Sleep Giant for 4 months

“Sleep Giant helps me sleep like I remember sleeping as a kid. Uninterrupted deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and that’s helped me have a greater level of awareness…I seem to be in a better overall mood.”
~ Anant - outdoor adventurist, Data scientist

Sleep Giant for 9 months

“I’ve always been an ok sleeper, getting just enough to get by. Since starting with Sleep Giant I’m sleeping more consistently, learning my body’s natural sleep cycle which allows me to get into a sleep rhythm. During the day I have more energy and ability to concentrate at work and while coaching.”
~ Chad - Swim coach

Sleep Giant for 1 year

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Experience the bliss of zero-G Sleep with Sleep Giant

Sleep Giant – the only SleepFit system

Being SleepFit means you have both the confidence and ability, to get all the sleep you need, when you need it, wherever you are!

Sleep Giant offers you a reliable path to becoming a truly resilient sleeper – its suite of zero-G acoustic “Sleep Atmospheres” – improves the mind/body integration essential for achieving quality deep sleep.

Sleep Giant programs address all aspects of sleep – getting in the Wind Down zone before bed, improving the Sleep Deep quality throughout the night, Waking Up naturally and easily in the morning – as well as full-cycle zero-G PowerNaps, help you recharge and wake up ready for the rest of your day

There’s no need to prolong the suffering of poor sleep any longer.

Become a Sleep Giant today
Rest Deeply and Live Wide Awake

Get it now from your favorite app store!


A look inside


Home page

However you want to support and improve your sleep, you can easily create a harmonizing sleep atmosphere in a few easy steps.

From the home menu you can launch programs to help you Wind Down, access deep recovery sleep with a smooth Wake Up.

Want to boost your brain power and energy in the middle of the day? Sleep Giant offers a variety of zero-G full cycle PowerNaps.  


The Art of Napping

Learn the art of power napping with Sleep Giant’s powerful series of PowerNaps. zero-G Acoustics “Full-Cycle” naps built to help you recharge and wake up fully – where you will benefit for the rest of your day.


Sleep Deck

Built into Sleep Giant is our proprietary “Sleep Deck” console, putting the power to custom schedule your desired sleep support based on your recovery needs.

Featuring two scheduling modes: “Sleep Mode” based on your available time and “Wake Target Time Mode” based on your required wake-up schedule. You can also schedule a custom Wake mode deck for each individual day of the week!


Wind Down

Getting your mind and body ready for sleep is essential to the rest of your night/sleep experience. Sleep Giant’s Wind Down category offers a variety of programs designed to help you make falling asleep as easy as falling into bed!


Sleep Giant app home page
View and edit your sleep sequences
Sleep Deep Starter album
Schedule a Wake Mode sleep sequence
Add the number of sleep cycles you want
Review and select your saved Sleep Deck
Load your selections to your "Sleep Deck"
Experience Bliss - play your zeroG sleep sequence

Maximize your productivity & performance
 …with Sleep Giant | Sleep Fitness system!

Sleep Giant, SleepFit and the Sleep First Initiative are core elements of the ZeroGravity.Life Project offering tools, programs and experiences for those interested in exploring a more integrated daily living experience – living with a little less gravity in their lives.

Want to get even more benefit from Sleep Giant…?

Combine Sleep GIANT with Sleep FIRST, our self-activated experiential program – designed to improve your sleep awareness. and integration into your whole day

When Sleep Giant and Sleep FIRST are used together they form a powerful set of tools to transform your sleep life into something you’ve only dreamed of forever.

Find Our more about Sleep FIRST and SleepFIT professional sleep coaching programs – HERE