Getting started with Sleep Giant

For first-time Sleep Giants

Sleep Giant is a complete sleep “fitness” system, available for Android and iOS devices.

Sleep GIANT offers you the ability to improve every aspect of your sleep experience – from reliably falling asleep to improved sleep quality throughout the night, to waking up easily and naturally, along with full cycle “power napping” programs – napping the most powerful brain boosting and physical recovery activity you can do during the day.

Sleep Giant’s zero-G bio Acoustics sleep harmonizing audio Atmospheres, create an immersive sound field that naturally helps you to find your optimal sleep (and awake) state.

Sleep Giant’s benefits are cumulative over time, the more often one experiences the harmonious sleep state (or integrated state) available with Sleep Giant the easier it is to experience optimal sleep again.

With Sleep Giant help you create your path to being a confident sleeper and being truly SleepFIT!

Sleep Giant is built for people that want to:

  • Fall asleep easier
  • Reach deep recovery sleep more easily
  • Improve sleep quality throughout the whole night
  • Experience waking up easily, a natural result of being sufficiently slept
  • Gain the wide range of benefits available with full-cycle zero-G PowerNaps
  • Improve all-round sleep resilience and experience the benefits of living “SleepFIT” everyday.

Sleeping with zero-G Acoustics “sleep atmospheres” progressively help to improve each aspect of your sleep experience.
Recovering Sleep Debt
Achieving Deep Sleep
Sleep Cycle Restoration
Harmonizing Sleep Cycles
Power Napping
Sleep Integration
Experience Sleep Resilience

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