Frequently asked questions

What is Sleep Giant?

Sleep GIANT is a comprehensive sleep performance system, now available in a convenient “app format” downloadable for devices, with premium features available though monthly and annual subscription options.

Sleep Giant offers four program libraries with 17 (and growing) proprietary zero-G Acoustics Sleep Programs as well as the proprietary Sleep Deck programming console allowing you to custom program your sleep support in just seconds.

  • 4 Wind Down Tracks
  • 3 Sleep Deep Albums
  • 4 Wake Up Tracks
  • 6 Precision Nap Programs
How does Sleep Giant work?

Sleep Giant uses a number of elements to create a powerful enhanced sleep experience the combination of which makes it a

  • Sleep Giant is designed to work with our fundamental sleep architecture which enhances the rhythm, efficiency and power of each sleep cycle to achieve a more integrated and therefore optimal overall sleep experience.
  • Sleep Giant’s zero-G Performance Acoustics programs create a zero-G sleep specific immersive sound field using a combination of the primordial nature, proprietary “shaped spacial” and bio-acoustic sound.
  • Sleep Giant gives you the power to manage your sleep and recovery time in your schedule more effectively as it allows you to get your sleep when it suits you best.
What do I need to experience the benefits of Sleep Giant’s zero-G Sleep programs?
  • Sleep Giant App – Android or IOS
  • Stereo Listening Devices (one or more of the following)
    • Speakers (Portable Bluetooth or regular stereo)
    • EarBuds (Low Profile for side sleepers are best)
    • Headphones (over ear headphones for napping during the day)
  • 60 seconds or less to select or custom program your personal sleep deck
What are the origins of Sleep Giant?

Sleep Giant is the result of more than 30 years of inquiry, research, developmental testing and real world application by ZeroGravity.Life Project founder Geoff Weigand, in the area of integrated human health and performance of which sleep lies at the foundation.

Sleep Giant’s zero-G Performance Acoustics programs have been successfully used by world elite traditional and extreme athletes, as well as high performance professionals for more than 25 years, to directly improve performance integration and recovery in achieving their lifetime best performances!

Who uses Sleep Giant?

Sleep Giant is used by a wide variety of people with different lifestyles, careers and interests.

Here are some of the most common user groups:

  • Health conscious people
  • Shift Workers
  • Work Travelers
  • Parents
  • Athletes
  • Creatives
  • Students
  • Business Executives
  • Health conscious people
  • People with existing health conditions
What makes Sleep Giant unique?

Sleep Giant’s proprietary design features and programs – built to correspond with our biological sleep architecture – allows you to create a personalized zero-G Sleep experience from taking a nap to sleeping through the night with zero-G “acoustic sleep atmospheres” that improve both sleep quality and rhythm, the essential elements for developing an overall more robust ability to sleep or SleepFiTness.   

What type of sleep challenges can Sleep Giant support?

Sleep Giant is a truly comprehensive sleep performance solution, so no matter your sleep situation, Sleep Giant is able to support you in developing a robust sleep ability.

  • General Sleep Aid: Improve your sleep quality and rhythm
  • Performance Sleep: For people that need to be at their very best to perform in life
  • Sleep Management: Ideal for new parents, shift workers, athletes and other traveling professionals
  • Health: Recognizing that optimal health cannot be achieved without quality sleep
  • Sleep Exploration: Dive into the world of dreams and other “in sleep” activities
  • Foundational Element: For live a more integrated life
I’m a high performance athlete - will Sleep Giant help me improve my performance?

Yes absolutely…!

Like many cutting edge performance methods and technologies, Sleep Giants original design and development was as a performance “tool” for elite athletes and performers.

Sleep Giant addresses multiple performance factors essential for reaching one’s peak performance capability

  • As an interactive sleep system that allows you to develop a more integrated sleep awareness essential for maximizing performance
  • A tool for developing true sleep resilience – for the best possible on demand recovery ability – invaluable for managing a busy schedule of: training, competition, travel and the rest of life’s activities
  • Improving sleep efficiency (quality and rhythm) – meaning you get better restorative value for every minute you sleep
  • A comprehensive suite of zero-G Precision Nap on-demand recovery boosting programs – effective napping is our fundamental safe and healthy way of recovering – from training, competition and travel anytime you need it with Sleep Giants proprietary “full-cycle” nap programs
Can Sleep Giant help with cure insomnia?

[Insomnia definition: a difficulty in getting to, staying asleep, waking up or feeling unrested in the morning]

Yes, Sleep Giant is designed to assist with all aspects of the sleep process with specific program categories that address aspects of sleep that are facets of insomnia – with “Wind Down”, “Sleep Deep” Albums (throughout the night), to “Wake Up” program libraries that can be custom programmed in sequence in Sleep Giant’s Sleep Deck Console.

Important Note:
The most common reason people have difficulty with sleep is due to an “overactive” mind – by being preoccupied or anxious about the events occurring in our lives. Although Sleep Giant creates a highly effective “acoustic atmosphere” to support an effective and enhanced sleep experience – sound based sensory input will not override your own mind/thought processes.

Can Sleep Giant help me get to sleep easier?

Yes, you can add a Wind Down track to any custom Sleep Deck selection.

The Sleep Giant “Wind Down” program library contains a comprehensive selection of zero-G Sleep programs that creates an “audio atmosphere” designed to help you gradually “wind down” from wakefulness to being ready to sleep naturally and easily.

Will Sleep Giant help me wake up more easily?

Yes, Sleep Giant has two programming methods to help you wake-up smoothly and easily:
– Method 1 – Sleep Time Mode: You can simply add a Wake-Up track to any Sleep Deck you create
– Method 2 – Wake Time Mode: Uses Sleep Giants proprietary Sleep Ai to “wake your brain up” at your specified time. End the pain of waking up with alarm clock shock forever!!

Do I need to listen to Sleep Giant everyday?

The short answer is no, but we recommend that new users use Sleep Giant 4-5 days per week initially with the majority of people finding they enjoy the benefit of nightly use throughout the week after the initial starter period of a couple of weeks.

Like with all health promoting activities, the more consistently you use Sleep Giant the greater the benefit you will experience, not only in sleep quality but also in all the other aspects of life affected by your sleep as well.

How do Sleep Giant’s “precision naps” work?

Sleep Giant’s “full-cycle” precision nap technology is designed to address the most difficult aspect of napping – waking up fully afterward. Sleep Giant’s Nap Recovery Library has a range of naps from 15 to 90 minutes all built with full-cycle Awake>>Asleep>>Awake technology that helps you get into deep sleep quickly for maximum recovery then bringing you back up to wakefulness again so you can continue your day with the benefits of boosted brain and physical energy.

Can I still take my medications?

Yes, Sleep Giant is not contraindicated with any medications. However, it is worth noting that all drugs (prescription and otherwise) disturb the finely balanced sequence of brain states that sleep is. Although medication may seem beneficial in helping you initially get to sleep (or even stay asleep), it has been shown that they degrade overall sleep quality.

What about supplements for sleep?

You can continue to take your natural sleep supplements as there are no contraindications with Sleep Giant.

Does Sleep Giant help with Jet Lag?

Yes, Sleep Giant’s original design purpose and success was in assisting elite athletes in maintaining their performance levels while enduring the rigors of a global travel and competition schedule.
– Sleep Giant can be used before travel to ensure you are fully rested before you leave
– During travel to assist with “in-flight” sleep or deep relaxation
– Upon arrival at your destination to a) assist with recovering lost sleep as quickly as possible, and b) to assist in recovering           as quickly as possible from time differentiation when traveling across time zones

Is Sleep Giant beneficial for Shift workers?

Yes very much so…!

Sleep Giant excels when people need to manage large circadian sleep disturbances that occur when working jobs that require constantly changing shift schedules. I.e. health care workers, first responders, airline and maritime crews, military personnel, business travelers and vacationers – anyone who’s sleep schedule is disturbed by sleep circumstances.

Whether you need to sleep off-hours before a shift, during the day after a graveyard shift or taking a precision nap when you have a break while at work, Sleep Giant has all the zero-G Sleep tools you need to maximize your sleep.

Most importantly, Sleep Giant helps you to get the sleep you need when you need it, no matter when or where you are.