Essential Workers Program

Essential Workers – Invaluable to Society:

The essential message and work of the ZeroGravity.Life Project is – Life First.. where our most “resilient, alive selves” are available through the experience of integrated living – when all of our capabilities work together in sync and are available to us in-real-time as we go through our day.

An essential aspect to living an integrated and resilient life is being sufficiently well slept, or SleepFIT. Sleep Giant was developed as a complete solution to address this fundamental element of health – giving you the ability to custom program zero-G Sleep programs for whatever your sleep needs are in just a few seconds.

We consider Health Care and other Essential Workers to be the truly invaluable “high performance workers” as we (society) depend on your energy, care and support for our very lives.

For healthcare workers, caring for others 24x7x365, every opportunity to reliably recover and regenerate high-quality sleep, becomes a life-saving act.

For other frontline workers, who maintain themselves and the services they provide, keeping the engine of society running, are also a top priority of ours to support.

Doing the most for others:

It is for these reasons we created the Essential Workers Pro-Support Program.

To support essential workers in maintaining their and their families health and vitality, while lessening the daily burden for those doing the most for others – especially while taking care of the rest of us throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We are offering Sleep Giant – Premium Sleep Performance System at a 50% discount for all essential and frontline workers and their families.

Who is eligible:

The Sleep Giant – Essential Worker Support Program – Essential Pro Subscriptions available in the Sleep Giant App – is available to anyone working in essential frontline industries that wants to maximize their sleep, immunity and recovery power – health and well-being.

Essential Pro Subscriptions are deeply discounted over standard Sleep Giant premium subscriptions.
Images showing path to Essential Worker Subscriptions

Subscription Types:

For individuals –
– Essential Worker Pro Monthly
– Essential Worker Pro Annual (even deeper discount)

For Families – includes up to three additional family members
– Essential Pro Family Monthly
– Essential Pro Family Annual (even deeper discount)

Look for Essential Pro Program in the main menu in Sleep Giant 

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Sleep Giant Background
Sleep Giant was developed by the ZeroGravity.Life Project founders as a complete sleep support [SleepFIT] solution for world travelling, elite athletes and other high performance individuals – Olympic and Professional Athletes, Free Solo Rock Climbers, Air Force Pilots, Musicians, CEO’s…

The effectiveness of Sleep Giant’s zero-G Acoustics Sleep programs is the result of more than 30 years of ongoing research and development – delivering results for its users when it counted most.

Get SleepFIT today – Sleep Giant, tonight!