Essential BEFORE you start

STEREO OUTPUT: Sleep Giant requires a stereo sound output to work i.e. headphones, earbuds, air-pods or stereo speakers. When using stereo speakers, see the diagram below “where to put it?” for configuration options.

SOUND VOLUME: Higher sound volume is not “more effective”. You only need to set the volume to a (low) but audible level. Think background volume level.

SHARED SLEEPING SPACES: If you share your sleeping space with another person, introduce them to Sleep Giant beforehand so they are aware that you are adding it in your shared space.

IMMERSIVE SOUND FIELD: Sleep Giant programs create an “audio atmosphere” that promotes an optimal sleep experience.

NOISY ENVIRONMENTS: If you are sleeping in a place with a high level of “background noise, you can increase the volume to help “wash out” the noisy disturbances.

FIRST TIME USERS: Before you plan on being ready to put your head on the pillow

  • Allow a few extra minutes for your selection to sync
  • Get your speaker placed and connected
  • Find you headphones/earbuds
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